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Mature content
SCP Comix: SCP-3313 :iconbatterymaster:Batterymaster 3 2
SCP Comix: SCP-746 by Batterymaster SCP Comix: SCP-746 :iconbatterymaster:Batterymaster 7 0 SCP Comix: SCP-096 by Batterymaster SCP Comix: SCP-096 :iconbatterymaster:Batterymaster 8 0 SCP Comix: SCP-682 by Batterymaster SCP Comix: SCP-682 :iconbatterymaster:Batterymaster 5 0 SCP Comix: SCP-811 by Batterymaster SCP Comix: SCP-811 :iconbatterymaster:Batterymaster 13 13


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SCP Comix: Klavigar Lovataar
The Comix version of Ion's waifu.

Name: Lovataar
Aliases: The Highblood Redeemer
Species: Human (genetically)
Gender: female
Age: I dunno. A thousand or more????
Affiliation: Sarkic Cults
Rank: Klavigar

Klavigar Lovataar is the most beautiful daughter of the Blood Empress, and one of the four Klavigar of Grand Karcist Ion. Not only that, but she's also the Grand Karcist's wife! It is said that when the two love birds first met, every single dog on earth howled in terror, and that sharks became vegetarians for five years. Also, Ion's semen caused her to turn into a giant, several kilometer-wide pulsating monster that gives birth to thousands of children every day. Ahh...young love.

Klavigar Lovataar currently resides in Romania, where she just lies around underground and rules her mini-kingdom of blind, pale men. The Solomonari Sarkic cults of Romania offer human sacrifices to her every week so that she can stop making goddamn earthquakes every time she moves.
SCP Comix: SCP-088
The Comix interpretation of the mighty lizard king. Character belongs to the original author.

Name: Douchesaurus Rex (Douchebag Lizard King)
Aliases: The Lizard King, Sid the Sloth
Designation: SCP-088
Class: Safe
Gender: Male
Species: Varanian Lizard Man
Age: roughly 4,000 years old.

Douchesaurus Rex, known by the Foundation as SCP-088, was once the king of the primordial kingdom of "Varania", a civilization of Varanian lizard people that was located in what is now known as Los Angeles, California. However, his mighty kingdom took a fall when the mighty Tortoise clan of the north attacked his people. As a last resort, he retreated into his royal catacombs, took some sleeping pills to sleep it off for a couple of millennia. Little did he know that his entire kingdom was destroyed when the giant tortoise king tripped over, crushing the kingdom of Varania underneath his shell. A few thousand years later, 088 was found in his catacombs by a guy with a dowsing rod, and was subsequently taken into containment by the Foundation while still asleep.

SCP-088, being a king, is pretty damn full of himself. He constantly demands that people bow to him and worship him. If you don't, he transforms you into another lizard man. He also has chemical-based abilities not unlike those of SCP-811 or SCP-106; he can produce a corrosive liquid from his hands that allow him to dissolve any material. In addition to this, he can also secrete a chemical that causes other people to turn into lizard men. He calls these substances "magical lizard juices". It is presumed that his "magical lizard juices" are the reason why he was chosen to be king. The only reason why he is safe class rather than keter is because he is extremely easy to contain due to to his tendency of being a heavy sleeper.

It was initially presumed that SCP-088 was an instance of SCP-2013. However, this theory was proven wrong during the Chaos Insurgency's raid on Site-██, in which SCP-088 started throwing rocks at a few Chaos Insurgency mercinaries, shouting "Go back to Iguania, you flappy-necked Iggerfaggots!" Due to this, it is believed that SCP-088 and the rest of the lizard people of Varania are of a seperate species of lizard man.
SCP Comix: Grand Karcist Ion
The Comix incarnation of Grand Karcist Ion.

Name: Ion
Aliases: the meat man, Mr. Meaty, His great meatyness
Species: Human
Gender: male
Age: 7,000 years old
Affiliation: Sarkic Cults
Rank: Ozi̮rmok

Grand Karcist Ion is the supreme leader of all Sarkic cults. Being it's sole founder, he is of the highest rank. Like his fellow Sarkesians, he has the power to cultivate flesh like one would with a tree. Legend tells that he is so powerful, he was able to make the mighty god-eater Yaldabaouth his bitch, and use him to forge his kingdom. Yeah, he still brags about it to this day. His goal is to destroy the universe, and in its place, create a new one entirely made of meat. And with high level reality bending powers like his, he's perfectly capable of doing so. Also, he always eats his salad without vegetables.

He takes advantage of his own powers whenever he can; for instance, he has completely abandoned the concept of people clothes, and made himself a gown composed of his own muscular tissue. When he brushes his teeth, he creates a toothbrush from his finger. When the toilet is clogged, well...he uses a normal plunger. He's also in a burning rivalry with CotBG leader Robert Bumaro.
SCP Comix: The Scarlet King
A comix version of the evil king. The character is property of the SCP foundation, and doesn't belong to me.

Name: Khahrahk
Aliases: The Scarlet King
Designation: None
Class: Something higher than keter.
Gender: Male
Species: God
Relatives: SCP-231 (daughters), SCP-999 (seventh son), SCP-682 (fourth son)
Age: Pretty old.

The Scarlet King, formerly known as Khahrahk, is literally Satan himself. He believes that existence is painful, and willeverything in his power to try to destroy it. The only thing preventing him from doing so is Procedure 110-Montauk (a cork in SCP-231-7's vagina), which keeps him indefinitely trapped within the twisted realm he resides in.

The Scarlet king has done many horrible things to get where he is now. For one thing, he ate his brothers and sisters, and banished god himself into the mortal realm. He then proceeded to have his way with the god Sanaa, who then had seven daughers (SCP-231), and when they became of age, the King fucked all seven of his daughters and made them all his brides. The seven brides then gave birth to SCP-682 and SCP-999, along with 4 other creatures known as the leviathans. The seventh child, if they are ever to be born, would signal the king's return, beginning his age of darkness and tyranny. But ain't ever going to happen.

The Scarlet King is a pompous, selfish tyrant/asshole who cares about (almost) nothing except himself. The only other thing that truly saddens him is the fact that he can't get his own son (682) to love him. :( He disowned the would-be seventh son SCP-999, Because he didnt find him to be "evil" enough. He also has a Internet persona under the name of "KissMeImTheDevil" on Tumblr, though most people who view his profile never return to tell the tale.

!!EDIT!!: Redesigned him to more accurately portray his physical description based on SCP-2317.
SCP Comix: SCP-2013
The Comix adaptation of the lizard people. The scip belongs to the original author.

Designation: SCP-2013
Alias: Lizard People
Class: Keter? Euclid? I dunno, these guys are just there, I guess.

SCP-2013 are, in layman's terms, lizard people. Nobody knows where they came from or...oh wait, yes we do. As it turns out, the SCP Foundation made them. They found a few eggs at the bottom of the ocean, and used the power of technology to bring the eggs back to life and hatch. When the lizard babies grew up, the Foundation allowed them to work as employees by giving them human disguises. Eventually, they began to have jobs outside of the foundation, and they spread throughout the Earth, posing as musicians, politicians, artists, etc. This began to spark up the "reptilian controversy". This is the moment that the Foundation decided that this needed to stop and went on a quest to destroy them all. However, they gave up halfway through after realizing that there were too many of them to deal with. Live and let live, as they say. So, yeah. There's lizard people around town. You just never know who it will be.

SCP-2013 make up approximately 40% of Earth's population. Ironically enough, everybody in the Chaos Insurgency is a lizard man, too. Explains quite a lot, doesn't it? That's why they use cricket oil to cook their steaks.
SCP Comix: SCP-082
The comic version of Fernand. The character belongs to the original author.

Name: Fernand St. Gros the 4th
Aliases: Fernand the Giant
Designation: SCP-082
Class: Euclid
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 128 years old.

Fernand St. Gros the 4th, currently known as SCP-082, is a rather tall englishman of French descent, and a member of the great Gros royal family. Born in 1889, and raised in England by his slightly more normal brother Francis St. Gros, He was supposed to be the royal heir to his father (and former king of France) Aristide St. Gros. However, due to his mental issues, genetic condition and tendency to eat people, he became an outlaw and a highly feared criminal in several countries and provinces. In spite of this, he still thinks he is king of France. About a century later, he was found by the Foundation in an abandoned tractor shed in Cornwall, having a "conference" with three hobos and four SCP-1788-1 instances about making Badminton France's national sport. He was then taken to containment, convinced by Foundation staff that he was being taken to a palace in France. To live up to the hype, his containment chamber was built to be huge, resembling the interior of a French palace complete with a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, various appliances and a full wardrobe.

SCP-082 is...insane to say the least. Also, he's fuckin' huge and really old, and has a body frame that is an odd mix of super fat and super swole. Due to a genetic condition, he is really damn tall and muscular, and has lived far longer than an ordinary human should. His skin is also scarred heavily, covered in healed up bullet wounds and sword blade gashes. Hell, he has freakin' bullets and blades lodged into his flesh! You know that someone is stronk when they have shit like that showing up in their X-rays. He's pretty polite though, just as long as he doesn't try to eat your head (he does that a lot). Sometimes, it's hard to tell if he's stupid or simply insane. While he can easily tell if someone is lying, he cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction. If you were to show him an episode of "Uncle Grandpa", he would instantly assume that whatever happened throughout the episode actually happened in real life. No, seriously. We actually tried it. He watched Uncle Grandpa and thought it was real. He's also a pretty bad liar, and when asked about his past, he claims that he is either a vampire, a homunculus, Big Bird, Andre the Giant, Napoleon, Obelix (sidekick of Asterix), Dr. Bright, The Hulk, Alexander The Great, Captain Hook, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Frankenstein, or Frankenstein's Monster. The only reason why we even know where he came from is because we read his Wikipedia page before we deleted it from the internet.
SCP Comix: SCP-1486
The Comix version of...whoever this guy is. He belongs to his author.

Name: Benjamin Dick Hoel
Aliases: Benny, Baby doll
Designation: SCP-1486
Class: Euclid
Gender: Male
Species: Baby Doll
Age: 40 years old.

Benjamin Dick Hoel, aka SCP-1486, was found inside on a chair in a garage, smoking a nice siggie before being put into containment.

SCP-1486 is your average prom night dumpster baby. He ain't got no mom or dad. Mostly because he looks horrifying. If a couple fucks in front of him, he teleports into the woman's vagina, and within 9 months she will get a big suprise! He's been left to die by many mothers throughout the 40 years of his existence. To cope with his sadness, neglect, and depression, he simply smokes a cigar to make himself feel good about himself.
SCP Comix: SCP-1860
The Comix incarnation of that one singing blanket

Name: Blanc the Blanket
Aliases: Inky pee, Blanket
Designation: SCP-1860
Class: Euclid
Gender: Male
Species: Blanket

Blanc the Blanket, alias SCP-1860, is a singing blanket. He was first found underneath the burnt rubble of a circus tent, quietly singing "Clint Eastwood" to himself. He was then arrested for singing while being a blanket without a permit.

To SCP-1860, singing is life. SCP-1860 is a a singer, and a damn good one, too. He's so good at singing, that he can imitate the singing voices of anyone, including those of women. He can even sing a duet with himself, singing in two voices at the same exact time! Woah, totally musical, dude! While singing, he pees out ink and telepathically morphs it into the shapes of the notes of the song he's singing. While he mostly sings classical and Opera music, he also has a liking towards pop, rap, Rock and roll, country, and folk. During containment breaches, he will randomly show up somewhere in the facility to narrate whatever is happening there in song.
Rebel Gems: Buland, Quick!
This might happen in RG, but I won't say when.

Steven Universe ( c ) Rebecca Sugar
I'm desperate for good voices for my mod so I made a casting call club page for it!…
Please share this around with any friends who are good with acting! I need HAAAAAAALP!
SCP Comix: SCP-999
The Comix incarnation of the floppy orange blob. SCP-999 belongs to his respective author.

Name: Scarlet King Jr. the 7th Worst Son Ever (birth name)
Aliases: Tickle Monster, Candy Fuckboi
Designation: SCP-999
Class: Safe
Gender: Male (I think...?)
Species: Jelly Turd
Relatives: The Scarlet King (stepfather), B.O.B. from Monsters vs. Aliens (Father) SCP-231-7(mother-sister), SCP-231-1 through 6 (step-mother-sisters), SCP- (Half-brother)
Age: 10 years old.

Scarlet King Jr. The 7th Worst Son Ever, alias SCP-999. was born from the vagina of SCP-231-7, as the son of the Scarlet King. Well, step son, anyway. His real father is BOB from Monsters Vs. Aliens. That's right. An animated character jumped out of a TV and had sex with the half demon daughter/wife of the Scarlet King, causing her to give birth to this guy. Don't ask why, it's complicated and weird. This, oddly enough, also makes him the half-brother of SCP-682, though 682 denies the fact that they're related. But hey, who could blame him. Nobody as friendly as SCP-999 could be related to 682. He smells like cookies, loves candy, gives hugs, and can cure crippling depression with a single tickle fight. He's one hell of a guy, that's for certain. Dicks out for 999.
SCP Comix: SCP-1788-1
The Comix adaptation of SCP-1788. The SCP belongs to its respective author,

Name: Adult
Alternate names: Fatassian, Fat men
Designation: SCP-1788-1
Class: Keter
Distinctions: four arms, two brains, two hearts, small penis.

The Adults, known as SCP-1788-1, are a dangerous race of four-armed superhuman who are fat and gross. SCP-1788-1 are especially dangerous because they are so human that they easily blend in with the public, and can be easily be mistaken for normal fat people. They use this facade to abduct children, so that they can infect them with SCP-1788 (also known as fat people disease), turning them into another one of their kind. It is advised to patrol schools for any suspicious-looking fat men that might pose a problem.

SCP-1788-1 instances are fat af, and possess a second pair of arms that they hide under their shirts and fat rolls. They so fat, that the earth trembles beneath their feet. They also try to overcomphensate for their tiny dicks by calling themselves the "pinnacle of human development", and often demean an average human by calling them a child, regardless of age group. For some reason, they view children as adults and adults as children. They all creepy motherfuckers, but they aren't pedophiles. They just creepy kidnappers.
SCP Comix: SCP-049
The Comic incarnation of the doctor. The character belongs to his original author.

Name: William Wilkins
Aliases: Big-nose, Doc, the Plague Doctor
Designation: SCP-049
Class: Euclid
Gender: Male
Species: Plague Doctor
Age: How long ago was the 16th century?

William Wilkins, or SCP-049, is an ancient doctor from medieval England. He always wanted to be a doctor to help cure and treat diseases. But does he REALLY cure them? Nah. He just turns them into zombies. Seriously, this guy's a fucking quack. Every human he touches dies instantly, and he doesn't know the difference between medical treatment and zombification. And people wonder why we keep this pointy-nosed freak behind bars.

SCP-049 is weird because his clothes are made of muscle, and his beaky face seems to be made of bendy cartilage. Sometimes, he holds his nose and uses it as a rudimentary string instrument. He likes hospital-themed soap-operas and boasting about his "magnificent nose".
SCP Comix: SCP-3313
The Comix version of Benjamin Franklin's peener.

Designation: SCP-3313
Class: Keter (formerly), Thaumiel (current)
Gender: Male body part

SCP-3313 is the mystical, magical severed penis of the late Benjamin Franklin. Nobody knows how it gained it's magical properties, or how it managed to stay perfectly preserved for so many centuries. All we know that it can grant wishes, and that's fucking awesome.

SCP-3313 is scientific evidence that an american founding father can save the world even after death. Earlier in 2017, the Chaos Insurgency used satanic rituals to "res-erect" 5 of America's founding fathers, one of them being Benjamin Franklin himself. However, upon seeing that his penis was missing, the Benjamin reacted with shock to his "pre-dick-ament", exclaiming "Hey, wait a minute. Where did my fucking dick go?" He then used his super strength to punch a hole in the Chaos Insurgency facility's wall and escape to search for his penis. Using his dolphin-like homing instincts, he "dick-scovered" SCP-3313 in site-88, and he used it as a "red rocket" engine to fly into outer space. In other words, he used his own magic severed dick to fly away like a rocket. Four months later, He and SCP-3313 crashed down point-blank on Korean "dick-tator" Kim Jong-un, obliterating him and half of North Korea in a "dick-structive" nuclear explosion, saving America from impending doom forever. A statue of Benjamin Franklin and his magic penis was "erected" at Site-88, and SCP-3313 was contained in a tall pedestal made of solid 24-karat gold. LONG LIVE 'MURICA!
SCP Comix: SCP-746
The Comix incarnation of SCP-746. He belongs to his author, not me.

Name: Kuchibashi Chāpuchāpu
Aliases: Kuchi, Bird-brain, Cripple-bird, Pecker-nose
Designation: SCP-746
Class: Euclid
Gender: Male
Species: Tengu
Age: 700 years old.

Kuchibashi Chāpuchāpu, now known as SCP-746, is an asian bird man. Hailing from Japan, he was once one of the most hard-to-catch SCP's in Foundation history, and it took several decades for the foundation to finally contain him. This was because back in the day, he was in his prime, and he was a gifted traceur and martial artist. He was an expert in Koryū, Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, Battõjutsu, Naginatajutsu, Sõjutsu, Ninjutsu, and the long forgotten art of "Kickinthenutsu". Sadly, his reputation as the "hardest-to-catch SCP ever" ended when a flying meat grinder mangled his left leg. Nowadays, he's just a grumpy old coot with a cane who's only source of happiness are memories of his pre-containment days.

SCP-746, ever since his containment, has been pretty sour about being a cripple, especially towards meat grinders. For the past 20 years, he has done nothing but yell angrily at staff that look at him funny. During his previous containment breach (dunno how that happened), he yammered at a few mobile task force members before being coaxed back into his chamber with salted crackers. The old fart can really hold a grudge. He's good friends with 049, since he can relate to 049's magnificent nose length.
SCP Comix: SCP-096
The Comix incarnation of SCP-096. The character belongs to his respectful author.

Name: Martin Smith
Aliases: Marty, The Shy Guy, Screamo, Gollum, Smeagol
Designation: SCP-096
Class: Euclid
Gender: Male
Species: American
Relatives: Who tf cares
Age: 23

Martin Smith, designation SCP-096, was originally a popular YouTuber named "SkinniBoi008", who recorded video game let's-plays while wearing a bag on his head. It wasn't until he did a face reveal when things started to get downhill. After his first face reveal, his former fans called him ugly and hideous, shattering his self esteem and ego. Marty went into a a violent rage state, and hunted down and killed every single person who saw his face reveal. After the incident, we was captured by the foundation, and was given the designation "SCP-096".

Ever since his face reveal, SCP-096 vowed that he would hunt down and kill anyone who ever sees his face, whether it be by accident or intentional. When he is in a rage state, he can tear through any and all solid material, run at supersonic speed, heal from mortal injuries, super-jump, and even FLY in order to catch up with his victim. The face reveal insults took a toll on his psyche, causing him to lose his sanity and grasp on the English language. His language skills have diminished to that of a Gollum expy, as he refers to everybody else as "hobbitses" despite Hobbits being completely fictional. It is theorized that this strange manner of speech developed due to SCP-096 having binge watched Peter Jackson's rendition of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy during his "downward spiral".
SCP Comix: SCP-682
The Comix incarnation of good ole 682. The character belongs to his respective author.

Name: Scarlet King Jr. the 4th (birth name)
Aliases: the Hard to Destroy Reptile, lizard, dragon, Ziggy the Talking Alligator (zoo name) serpent, komodo dragon
Designation: SCP-682
Class: Keter
Gender: Male (by default, can shapeshift female gonads when he needs to.)
Species: Dragon
Relatives: The Scarlet King (father), SCP-231-4 (mother-sister), SCP-231-1 through 7 (step-mother-sisters), SCP-999 (Half-brother)
Age: 1000 years old.

Scarlet King Jr. The 4th, known by the foundation as SCP-682, was born from the Scarlet King's fourth bride-daughter some thousands of years ago. Throughout his childhood, he spent his free time terrorizing villages and burning them down with his fire breath. Some time in 1991, he was mistaken for an alligator and was captured and taken to the zoo for a few years. Eventually, he broke out of the zoo and attacked two turnip farmers, dipping them in Mulan Szechuan sauce before eating them alive. Following this incident he was arrested for the crime of homicide. During his trial, he proudly admitted that he did it, telling the judge to go "suck his dick" before being sent to death row. Why they sent a giant reptile to death row instead of back to the zoo is beyond me. He was found by the foundation when reports of a "talking alligator surviving the electric chair" began to circulate around the internet, and was promptly sedated and restrained before being sent into containment.

SCP-682 is one of the most hateful life forms in the known universe, and is known for his violent temper tantrums, angsty attitude, and obsession with death metal. He's an asshole, more or less. His only desire is to kill everyone and everything, and with his adaptability, regenerative powers and ability to shapeshift, he is perfectly capable of doing so. Therefore, the foundation is hell-bent on destroying him as soon as possible. The only problem is that...well...he is biologically incapable of death. He gains an immunity to any poison, toxin, or disease he contracts, and can even temporarily gain the abilities of certain other SCPs he comes in contact with. According to SCP-2305, he can regenerate from a single drop of blood. He's like doomsday if he was a dragon. Just remember. No matter what happens, don't EVER fuck with the lizard. His polar opposite is his retarded half-brother, SCP-999.
SCP Comix: SCP-811
The Comix incarnation of SCP-811. She belongs to her rightful owner :iconpigcatapult:, :)
This also marks my first sime drawing her for three years.

Name: Aé
Aliases: Swampy, Swamp chick, Froggy, the Gal-lamander, Stinky, Walking slime mold, Smeagol, Gollum
Designation: SCP-811
Class: Euclid
Gender: Female
Species: Human-salamander thingie
Age: 21 years old.

"Aé not frog. Aé swamps hag!"

Ae, currently known as SCP-811, was once a normal human girl. But everything changed when she got bitten by a radioactive salamander. SIKE! Ha! Fooled you! Actually, she was injected with a weird genetic goo by scientists back when she was 9 years old, causing her to mutate into a smelly amphibian and eat them alive. She was taken into containment at the age of 16, and was first discovered eating a moldy egg salad sandwich in a dirty ditch.

SCP-811 is a swamp hag with a good heart, and has a love for turtles and for nearly everyone she meets. However, it's hard for you to make friends when you smell like a fish fart and your hands and feet constantly ooze nasty digestive enzymes. It's hard to even breathe the air around her without gagging or choking on a fly. Her gullibility and lack of high intelligence are her greatest weaknesses, but in time she always realizes that there's shit going on. She swim good, though, you gotta give her that.
SCP Comix: SCP-106
The Comix incarnation of Dr. Gears' SCP-106.

Name: Laurence
Aliases: Larry, Radical Larry, Old man Larry, The Old Man
Designation: SCP-106
Class: keter
Gender: Male
Species: Boogieman (formerly human)
Relatives: Who tf cares
Age: Old Af

Corporal Lawrence, designation SCP-106, was once a ww1 soldier who fought against the Germans with his pals in a trench. One day, his life changed forever when he fell into a pit of black gloopie ooze that transported him into a pocket dimension and gave him...SUPERPOWERS! He gained the ability to levitate and walk through walls. However, the gloopie ooze also fucked with his brain cells, causing him to become a sex-crazed maniac with a lust for women (and fembois). He was discovered when foundation operatives caught him in a city alleyway, attempting to make his dick longer using a rubber band.

SCP-106 is one of the most perverted and dirty minded scps in the foundation. Throughout his incarceration, he has flirted with 90% of all the female staff members/scps, and 50% of all the male staff/scps. Using a corrosive mucus scientifically as "gloopie ooze", he is capable of walking through solid walls with ease, and with this method, he can also enter a pocket dimension known as the "sex dungeon". 106 exhibits the behavior of a sexual predator, hunting down a victim and dragging them to said sex dungeon.
SCP Comix: SCP-001
The Comix incarnation of SCP-001, based off of Kanlinin's proposal.

Name: D'orkos
Aliases: Dork, Dorky, The Man
Designation: SCP-001
Class: Keter
Gender: Male
Species: Space demigod.
Age: Very, very, very, very...VERY old

D'orkos, designated as SCP-001 by the foundation, is a powerful, evil space demigod from the Planet of Hands. He has great control and dominion over the laws of physics, and uses his dark powers to torture humanity with dangerous anomalies and crazy monsters simply "for teh lulz".

While he isn't directly responsible for the existence of other SCP's, SCP-001 is fully capable of modifying their powers and even creating ones of his very own. For example, he once pulled a prank on SCP-096 by giving him the head of a monkey. On another occasion, he created a Gary Stu clone of SCP-173 that he named "SCP-371", despite the Designation already being used by another SCP. He claims that he wants the people of earth to join him in the "peaceful" society on his planet, but what he REALLY plans to do is to lure humanity to his planet just so he can torture them even MORE.

SCP-001 does not need a girlfriend in his life, because he gets all the sexual pleasure he needs from the pain and misery of others. His reality-warping powers lie within his nipples, and by rubbing them while half-naked, he can conjure up a whacky anomaly with relative ease. Some SCP's try to make deals with him to bargain for additional powers.
I'm desperate for good voices for my mod so I made a casting call club page for it!…
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